Finally! My prayers were listened and the highness of Rolex has dreamed a timepiece what we - who loves the big sporty ones - were dreaming about for a long time. I have the luck to see, touch and wear the brand new Rolex Sea-Dweller anniversary edition for a while – Rolex with the red text, the SD43, or the Red Baron as some fans started to mention this new flagship of the brand.

The watch itself was announced and shown in the Baselworld 2017. It released with reference number 126600, 43 mm wide case in stainless steel, black dial and black cerachrome bezel and the new 3235 caliber movement, 70 hour power reserve, upgraded and new barrels, new escapement, new bridges, totally new rotor and self-winding system, as good as the Rolex movements before, just better if that is possible.
The watch cannot fast or slow more than +\- 2 sec per day but this is "just" the factory data. I personally had Rolex watches slow only 0.19 seconds per day from 2012 so think about how accurate the new one can be. Seiko spring drive? What is that...? I don’t need battey at all anymore! But that is enough about the technical informations for now.

The most important are the feelings about this watch for me. And I must tell I have a little dualism in my mind. The watch is perfect, no question. Huge. If you ever saw it in real there is no need to compare this to another Rolex watch, you can tell without it. This is a huge piece and in a good and "finally arrived" way.
I have always loved Rolex and all above this I always thought that “why Rolex has not made bigger ones?”. How cool would be the submariner in a 42 or 44 mm case? And now we can see how cool is it. I say this because the New SD43 looks like a big, oversized submariner at first sight and to be honest for the second and third sight too. With the cyclops eye, the same hands, dial, engraved inner case. This is good! That was what I expected from the old Sea-Dweller before but with the 40 mm case that old one just hasn't really changed the world. This new Red One finally did change the world, …or at least the world of Rolex what lives in our mind.

With this piece you can have a Rolex watch what is big and eye catcher enough to beat - or at least competit - the Panerai Luminors, the big Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore or an Hublot. And this Rolex RedBaron is doing this with keeping the Rolex DNA, the tradition, the quality and the fame, in what the Rolex is maybe the best brand all over the world.

So why do I have these dualism-feelings? Exactly because the watch is an oversized submariner. If they haven't put that cyclops eye on the glass and kept the deepsea's date window or were baller enough to leave the date at all, I couldn't say a bad word or write a bad letter about this timepiece. But they have not done that. I have always wanted a bigger submariner so this is great at all, no offense, but could have been better for sure.

Wearing this watch you get what you expected from this, and any other Rolex pieces. Absolutely comfortable, feels good to wear, good to look at.
There is another Rolex what is really close to my heart and as huge or a little bit huger: the deepsea DeepBlue with the 44 mm case. With that timepiece they haven’t changed the bracelet size and with that, Rolex did something you can complain about. Maybe that is why the factory designed a wider bracelet for the New Sea-Dweller and I must tell they were right. With the wider bracelet the SD43 is perfectly balanced. The watch is smaller a little bit, and the case is definitely lower, but between the two master piece of Rolex has only 25 g difference in weight and with this combination of the new bracelet the new one fits the wrist more amazingly.

So in a nutshell you must get one if you can and here we go with the only bad touch of this new Sea-Dweller story. Because if you haven't per-ordered or ordered one already, I bet you won’t be able to. As rumors say the watch will be producing only in 2017 in this anniversary red texted edition and the ordering lists are already closed.
So if you can grab one do not let it go because this is not just a good investment and not just a new Rolex, but maybe this is The Rolex what new wave Rolex lovers - as I am - are dreaming about.

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