Huge rainforest in Guatemala. Giant and ancient. Green leaves, brown snakes, muddy terran everywhere. You barely see the sky. The sunshine reaches through the crowded canopy, the wind shakes the skytouching wooden columns and your heart is beating stronger and stronger with every step you move deeper into the jungle.

Whenever you find yourself in the situation what Arnold “Dutch” Schwarzenegger must face in the Predator movie the only perfect timepiece you should carry is the Hublot Big Bang Unico Italian Independent Green Camo Limited Edition. With the Texalium case and bezel you will not even feel if there is a watch on your wrist, but all the hard part of the fight against the ultimate headhunter will be survived with this timepiece because the carbon fibre based technology gives the lightest and strongest material we can have in the industry. The colour of the watch provides a perfect hiding ability in the jungle and you also won’t be revel by the strong lume of the hands at night because there will be no lume at all when the sun goes down, only You, Your Super Cool watch and the opponents.

You can ask “what if I am not hunting for the Predator”? What if we are not living not even close to any jungle? You can ask Why should you get this Hublot at all?

First answer is: just because you can have it. Why should anyone get an Hublot, a Richard Mille or an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Off-Shore? Because You can afford it!

This is a statement of Who you are, What you are, What you think about yourself and the world, about the opponents. As I see Hublot and AP started to create watches What definitly not was born to show the time on your wrist but show the world you are a badass cool guy Who has got taste and of course a huge bunch of money to be Uniqe and stylish. Than came Richard Mille and made the version of this mind blowing business upto that level what only a very small numbers of people could reach. But all above the dazzle We all must realize that these brands put Great effort, investments and upgrades into their timepieces. These brands gave us the carbon case for example, or ceramic elements in the movement or the rubber straps back to Hublot what was the brand ever used first that material for straps and of course also used for this Uniqe timepiece I am talking about.

This is how we get to the second reason why you should get the Hublot Big Bang Unico Italian Independent. Materials, movement, style. Texalium is a carbon composit lightest and strongest component ever used to create a watch. Do not get it wrong, there is no textil in the case or bezel. Hublot put a very thin layer of aluminium on the carbon fiber this is how the great shiny look of the watch was reached with some green colour added. Of course the accurate technology is a trade mark secret. Next to the Texalium Hublot used 18k gold for the crown, pushers, hands and signs even for the small screws applied into the case and caseback. You must see it to realize how perfect matching was reached by this beetwen the darker, military green and the shiny, brushed gold elements. You will get the watch with a rubber strap. In fact two because one is covered with a strong military green textil at the outer surface what is good to touch really Uniqe and Cool looking and of course the inner surface has the rubber quality you can trust if you buy a Hublot watch, waterproof and very comfortable. Talking about comfort, the watch is 45 mm wide without crown, but it hugs your wrist perfect. Because of the watch is so light and the size is perfect at least for me, I must say this is one of the most comfortable watch I have ever worn. I should say something about the sapphire crystal glass of the watch before I jump to the movement part too because yes, of course, having sapphire glass in a 20.000€ valued timepiece nothing more than base level, but this glass gives that much clear view to read the time, than my Sister asked if There is No glass in the watch over the dial when she first saw this Hublot on my wrist and she also wanted to touch it to believe the sapphire is there.

Talking about the heart of the watch we get to the HUB 1242 movement. The most amazing attribute for me is that this is a flyback chrono movement and that is simply perfect how this in-house Unico chronograph movement works. I love the flyback function. Maybe you know the bad feeling when you let to see your watch to a person who is not that watch addicted as I am and he or she starts to push the chrono starting button but you already see at that hell like moment in the eye of the outsider he or she wants to push the reset button next, what can broke your watch movement with a single move, but not with this flyback caliber. You can push the reset button on this Hublot anytime, the counter hands will just jump back to zero position and the measurement will start from the begining without any harm. I love it and this is a great feature as well. The chronograph complication counts until 1 hour only, so this is not an usual chrono watch but nothing is usual with this Hublot, why should this would be that, right?

The movement holds 72 hours power reserve with 38 jewels, beats on 28.800 BpH and has a date complication on its skeletonized dial face. If you turn the watch you can see the back of the movement through a sapphire glass and you can find out some part of the caliber is PVD coated. One more thought about the movement is how satisfying to operate the chronograph.

You all know how a mechanical watch chrono complication works. Push the start button relativly strong. To stop press the same button. To reset use the reset button. The buttons click hard but with the Unico movement this changed like heaven. The pushers work so soft and gently, you can hate Hublot and not respect the style this brand stand for but this is high horology and masterpiece of watch making, no question.

At the end I must confess I have never liked Hublot. I always thought this brand talks to peoples who don’t really know watches and not even care for or about watches at all. This brand offers watches for rich persons without any commitment about timepieces or horology or the art of watchmaking. I always thought Hublot just take some crazy materials and fusions them into some overpriced watches with a totally common ETA movement and sells to those who not clever enough to realize they are paying for cheap and not value holding junks a fortune. And Maybe some of this criticisms are still stands but I must Tell not for this Big Bang Unico Italian Independent green camo piece! I Simply felt in love with this art of fusion masterpiece, not because if I ever know anything about the Italian Independent fashion company for example or If I would show the world how cool I am because can have a watch for 18.000€ - 19.000€ or not because I see the Hublot logo during every formula 1 race on my favourite team’s cars. No.

I love the piece on its own right because this is a great timepiece with a Uniqe and amazing look and style wi

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