This is Huge... was my first thought when I touched my newest time piece, the Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea D-blue. First with my eyes, than with my very own fingers. I have put it on my wrist and I still haven’t figured it out if this is just one of the best looking watch of mine ever or the one that suits the best as well. Needed to spend some short days together to tell you this watch was born to be mine by nature. I must tell I have already felt this sometimes - already before but never with a Rolex.

Talking about Rolex the brand first, my opinion is there are two types of human beings: those who love or at least respect Rolex, the brand, the legend, the timepieces and the other type who have never touched one in real life. From the second type you can easily step to the "next level" and if you like watches and you have the possibility do not ever hesitate to give yourself a chance to meet a Rolex watch in face to face at least. I must tell I was that insane kind of watch collector who first sais "Rolex.... expensive for nothing. Watches for old people" and I have totally turned 180 degrees and until today I’ve had 6 Rolex timepieces in my collection and right now I have 3 of them. One is or I should say The One is the Deepsea DeepBlue.

This is The Rolex for me. I am in love with diver watches. The most durable, the best looking and the most usable watches ever was made since the invention of the sun-watch or whatever the ancients used to measure the flying time. Talking about the DSDB, the size of the case (44 mm), the look of the bezel (cerachrome ceramic with patina plated numerals and signs) the move of the bezel (super smooth), the look and feel of the dial (amazing sunburst and twotone from dark blue through darker blue into the darkest blue can ever seen under the real Deepsea) these features are Simply Amazing. I have a thick wrist I can tell, but not unusually thick just like a man's wrist I think (and even smaller than my father’s) and lots of watchfams or only person who ever wanted to buy a Rolex I was always thinking the Rolex watches are usually too small.
Submariner, GMT2? Fantastic timepieces, but 40 mm? Small. There are many reasons why Rolex uses and keeps that size and yes, those watches are fit to a suit perfectly or easy to wear in everyday life but if you want to have a real badass watch what tells you the most accurate time ever and tells the world "Hey, Look at me! I have the coolest watch in the world! And Yes, this is a Rolex!" - so if this is the way of you, this DSDB is yours, I mean this is my watch for sure!

Some people complaining about the size of the bracelet. They say too thick with the 44 mm case. Guess what, I was thinking that too. Than I started to wear the watch. I thought who cares, the timepiece itself is amazing, eye catching, feels super cool and comforting to wear and I will make a handmade leather strap or buy a rubber strap for it and it will go that level where watches have never been before. And after a few days I realized why the Rolex is a genius. So first the bracelet is wide enough at the lugs. Looks perfectly matching with the case. For second the links are getting thicker, and the size at the clips is similar with any submariner or gmt 2 modern bracelet size. To wear it, to feel it this is perfect. Holds the watch in a super safe and comfortable way. It is a huge timepiece but not too heavy, partly because of the bracelet size.

And yes, it can be worn under a summer suit or shirt too. And there is something elegant and baller way if the Rolex was dare enough to put a bracelet elegant and smooth like this together with a watch as shouting as this DSDB!
This is genius! This is tradition! This is art.

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