Imagine a totally different Earth! Imagine a huge ancient Ocean, the Panthalassa around the only one so called super continent, the Pangaea where huge, 30 meters tall alien plants like frens and horstails ruled the horizon three hundred million years ago. During those million years, under the very strong preassure and high heat, the plants had been becaming the carbon what has boosted the industrial revolution of mankind in the last centuries.

Now imagine a watch on your wrist what is totally different from those ones you know and used to wear. Imagine a timepiece what is huge on your wrist, but light as your very own skin, imagine a watch what will became one of the most unique piece you could ever experience and was created under strong preassure and high heat to bring watchmaking revolution to mankind and to take Panerai to the Next Level.

The new Carbotech Panerai is on my wrist ladies and gentlmen. Referencenumber is 616, presented in the SIHH2015 but the current model was created in 2017, made from Carbon composit material and P.9000 in-house movement included.

To make it clear this Carbotech is not made from the carbon I was narrating before. The carbon molecules of this Amazing Panerai were created billions and billions of years ago by huge stars, much bigger than the Sun of our solar system. Those corpuscles had became the base of all known lifeforms of the universe and now became the case, the bezel, the crown and the crown guard of the Greatest Panerai Watch I have ever seen!

Tradition and Innovation

One of the most amazing watch case of history, the Luminor 1950, created and designed by Officine Panerai in the late 1940s is now made of carnon fibres. All we know about this inovation is what Panerai shared with us. They take thin sheets of carbon fibres and some high-end polymers, compress these complements under high preassure and heat, than cut out the shape of the case and the other parts. Polymers are needed to make the composit stronger and durable, more resistant and cool looking as well. If you look close, you will see small matt grey lines on the surface of the carbotech elements what is given by the polymers and because of the cutting, the polishing and the whole “metallurgy” process, each 616 has an unique pattern caused by these small grey non-linear lines.

When you put this beast on your wrist you will have two kind of experience. First it makes your wrist looks like that if you would be definitly one of the Expandables from the movie, or Dwayne Johnson or The Terminator himself because this huge black monster (the watch) makes you look like a real superhero, if you have a wrist wide enough. Because This is not a toy, this is not for kids, not for beginners! This timepiece fits only the big ballers who have the power to rule it and let the Carbotech rules their wrist too. Of course you can find huge badass watches from Hublot, Audemars Piguet or Richard Mille, but this Panerai has some magic. It steals the show from the shiny competitors, this carbotech doesn’t need crazy coloured dial or rubber straps coloured like a peacock, not even some crazy skeletonised tourbillion movement inside. Its perfect traditional Panerai look and the simple but genius design, the small blue parts added on the second hand or the carbotech sign of the dial, the small Officine Panerai logo on the rubber strap with its matching blue touch make this timepiece the most beautiful carbon watch on the market in my eyes. The golden signs on the dial or on the bezel, the half filled golden hands with the black frames, all because of these details the 616 is simply Perfect and Super Cool or I may say Super Hero Cool!

The second thing you realize after a while is the weight of the watch. In fact you will realize the missing of the weight. With its huge 47 mm wide case and 58 mm lug-to-lug the watch is a giant but only has a feather weight with its 130 gramms. With these features the watch is light, extremly comfortable but you also have the feeling you have something giant and cool on your wrist and not just if you take a look at it. Its a complex feeling what is hard to be told, you must try to understand, the presence of the watch is as unique as the timepiece itself.

Above the amazing design the watch operate like a perfect high-end time-keeper. The unidirectional bezel sounds and moves like magic. Incredible quality, the best I ever had. Better than Rolex, absolute sharp and precise, no backslash, no wobbling. Accurate and superlative quality with a little resistance added when you operate it, just exquisite. The crowngard and the crown also operates perfect and the whole watch has a perfect good-to-touch feeling. Most of the carbon watches feel like some kind of plastic when you touch them, but not this Panerai, not at all!

The caseback is made of titanium with a so called “hard black coating”, must be some kind of PVD. I hope it will be as sretch resistant than the Carbon case itself. Time will tell, but for the last few days both held well, not even a tiny sretch on the watch and this is exactly what I am expectig for a lifetime, but of course I wear my watches with good care.

The lume and the rubber strap are the only weeknesses of the 616, What is strange from the Panerai. Maybe they used less luminesence paintings or a weaker version or thinner layers. The rubber is thinner too and I think it consists less caoutchouc exactly like the other new-wave Panerai rubber straps, what is a mistake I think. Maybe They want to make the straps to be more durable, but at the end Panerai just make it feels much cheaper. By the way  putting a cool leather strap on will clear away this little fly in the ointment.

If you can have the 616 carbotech, you must, no question. If you can have it and only one Panerai watch you can have, I strongly suggest to get this piece. If you like awesome looking watches and you can have only one piece, this is your watch as well. If you are a collector, this is a must have piece for you. If you like inovation and tradition and like to wear top quality timepieces, than Carbotech is for you too. But what is sure, Carbotech is for me!

By: RetekG

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